Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Leswin Road Play Streets is back…forever.

It’s official. Leswin Road will be closed to traffic for one afternoon every month so that the kids can play in the street. With no cars to worry about, the road and the pavements will become our front yard.

There’ll be some footballs, some goals, some big chalks for adding colour to the streets but bring your bikes, skateboards or whatever games and toys you want. Most of all, bring your enthusiasm, your fun and your neighbourly chat.

The events will take place each month on the section of Leswin Road between Batley Road and Evering Road between 3.30pm and 6.30pm with the next one set to take place on 11th July 2014, a.k.a Friday week. Whether you have young ones or not, come out, chew the fat and put names to those faces you pass every day.


Friday 11th July 2014 and then every second Friday of each month from there on in. That’s 8th August, 12th September, 10th October and so on. I’m sure you can figure it out. We may decide to give it a break in the winter but we’ll work that out when we get there.

Leswin Road (between Batley Road and Evering Road)

3.30pm - 6.30pm. Nothing more, nothing less.

Bad weather
Eventually, we’re going to encounter some bad weather. Ultimately, it’s up to us - or more likely our children - if they want to play on. Wrap them up, waterproof them and they probably won’t care.

Last time we got a good deal on some plain cheese and tomato pizzas for the children which were delivered to the street at 5pm. We’re looking into something similar again for each session. If the mood takes you to bake or prepare any bits and pieces to share with your neighbours, then we’ll love you forever but it’s by no means compulsory nor expected. For drinks, there’ll be jugs of cordial. Anything else, you’d best bring yourself.

Who can come?
You, your children, your friends and your children's friends. Invite who you like, really. If it starts turning into Glastonbury, then we might start to reconsider things. But it won’t, and we won’t have to.

Your Car
Park it on another section of the road, please. It’s much better when we’ve got the whole width of the street to enjoy. Prepare for passive-aggressive reminders under your windscreen wipers.

Your Wheelie Bin (No.s 1-22)

We’re going to create safety barriers at either end of the traffic-free zone and, to do that, we’d like to use your brown wheelie bin. Hope that’s ok. Please leave them in front of your house. We’ll make sure we put them back after.

We’ll have some football goals and some big chalk with which the artists can doodle on the pavements. Other than that, it’s really entirely up to your children what they’d like to bring out.

Your children will remain your responsibility during the event. We know you know this but it needs to be said. So, there it is. We said it.

Going forward
Our Leswin Road Play Streets will doubtless grow and change as we do. We might turn it into a bit of a gala at some point. We might even theme it every now and then. We’ll see what happens. The important part is that the kids have a good time.

If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer your help as a marshal, then drop me a line. My name is Dan and you can get hold of me as below.

Please feel free to contact Dan on 07798 855907 or dansung@outlook.com for any further info, or come round to 3 Leswin Road and see if I answer. I might.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Leswin Area Residents Association (LARA)
The redevelopment of Leswin Place will be starting soon.  Officers from LARA have arranged a meeting with the developers and invite LARA residents, particularly those whose households back on to the development site to attend. The meeting will be at:
Monday 24th March
St Paul’s Church (corner of Evering Road and StokeNewington Road)
The aim of the meeting is to bring together the developers and the effected residents plus other interested parties to discuss the process of the demolition and building works and the effect this will have on local residents. This will be an opportunity to question the developers with any concerns you may have and for them to explain the process.

Below is a brief summary of the situation so far:

Five years ago planning permission was granted on appeal for the development of 1-15 Leswin Place. If you face down Leswin Place from Leswin Road that is all the buildings currently on the left hand side of Leswin Place. The plan is for the:

“Demolition of existing building comprising one B1 commercial unit(258 sqm) and five self-contained flats; erection of row of six two-storey terraced houses (comprising 2 x 4 bed houses and 4 x 3 bed houses)  with gardens and erection of two-storey building comprising three B1 commercial units (222 sqm) at ground floor level with three self-contained two-bed flats above, together with provision of 12 cycle spaces and refuse store.”

We have been told that the existing party walls will stay as they are. Five houses, 3 in Bayston Road and 2 in Leswin Road will be affected by demolition works behind them on the current buildings.

We would urge all interested residents to attend this meeting.
LARA Committee

Thursday, 5 December 2013


ST PAUL’S WEST HACKNEY SUNDAY 15th DECEMBER you are warmly invited to * A CAROL SERVICE * in St Paul’s Church @ 6:00pm A service of traditional Carols and Readings followed by mulled wine and mince pies Do come and join us! rector : niall.weir@mac.com assistant curate : janetbuchan@gmail.com www.stpaulswesthackney.orrg

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Stoke Newington Ward Forum Monday 21st October - focus on illegal parking

Dear all,
Our next Stoke Newington ward forum is on Monday 21st October at 7pm in Yorkshire Grove community hall.
Given the number of emails and correspondence about the parking issues on Hollar, Batley and Tyssen Roads – ranging from the signs being painted over, to the illegal parking, and intimidation of parking attendants – it seems that it would be useful to focus the meeting on how these problems can be addressed.
We’ve invited representatives from Parking, anti social behaviour and the police, as well as seeing who might be responsible for the minicabs from a licensing angle. Hopefully these will be confirmed soon – but obviously for the meeting to be useful, it would be good to have residents there who can raise the issues with the relevant people and we can try and find a way forward from the current situation.
Please let me know if this would be useful and if you’d be interested in attending on 21st.
Kind regards
Cllr Louisa Thomson
Labour councillor for Stoke Newington Central
Chief Whip
Twitter: @welovestokey

Hula Hooping Fun!

HULAFIT with Anna the Hulagan @  The Old Firestation, Stoke Newington !
Starting October 15th 2013, 1-2pm , £5
Hoops provided, all abilities welcome, drop-in

Hula Hooping is not just child's play!  With years of experience Anna can teach you how to get fit, get sweaty, tone up and get more coordinated, and keep you smiling with the ultimate fun exercise - HulaFit !  

Anna has been at the heart of all things hula in London for the last 6 years...she is the creator of the London Hula Hoopers network, the curator of London Hoop Fest (a week long festival celebrating all things hoop-related, with children and adult workshops and shows!), and, as well as teaching adults every day, and in schools across the country, she is also an international performer.  Recently, however, along with her husband, Anna is developing HulaFit, a fitness-based class using heavy hoops and cardio routines.

For more info please contact Anna directly at annathehulagan@Gmail.com  or hulafituk@gmail.com